We have legs but we don’t have breasts

It happens. And sometime it happens in a very funny way. A new kid on the block in our company. Making a call to a corporate customer and he had one of the funniest conversation, you can ever imagine.   Here is a part of that interesting conversation.   Customer: Do u have meat ZopNow Sales […]

ZopiOS – ZopNow available on the App Store for iPhone and iPod Touch

They say – “An Apple a day keeps the doctor away. But if the doctor is pretty keep the apple away”.  We had been staying away from “the apple” for quite sometime, largely due to limited bandwidth. Today, we are happy to announce that our ordering platform has a new addition to the family. Earlier […]

Project BBMP – Bruhat Bengaluru Mahagrocery Pipeline

We are fed up. Fed up of traffic.   Getting to your home in 3 hrs is just not easy and we have decided to do the unthinkable. We are creating a pipeline which directly connects our warehouse to your homes. This will significantly reduce the time taken for delivery and it will also cause […]

Toss Between Organic and Non Organic Stuffs!

An argument between Organic and Non-Organic Food started while taking a walk in the aisle of our Storehouse. The question started popping on our mind when we saw certain stuffs, holding the place in the warehouse labelled as “Organic Products”. Now the curiosity yelled regarding the difference between Organic and Non-Organic Food. I mean how […]

What makes sense?

What makes sense? It is so damn difficult to untangle ourselves from the multi choice we tend to ponder many a times. Grabbing things within no time that hits our needs and selecting stuffs from a vast store within some amount of time makes little difference. But in case if we get to merge our […]

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